New Minerals Discovered In Rwanda

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Rwanda has announced the discovery of new minerals with large of rare precious stones underneath; the discovery could boost image of the country’s mining sector.

The government has discovered new minerals like rare earth elements, gemstones, cobalt, iron and lithium in various parts of the country, an official familiar with the country’s mineral exploration programme has said.

Dr. Emmanuel Munyangabe, the Chief Operations Officer of the new body says more minerals were discovered during an ongoing airborne geophysics survey.

Munyangabe revealed that airborne geological surveys, aided with on-site scientific assessments, have provided evidence of several new minerals in various parts of Rwanda.

He added: “There are new finds, including resources that we previously had no idea existed in Rwanda, while in other cases we found extensions of existing mineral deposits like gold…the next steps will include to conduct further surveys and analyses to determine the exact components and quantities of the deposits.”

In January, President Paul Kagame said there were new signs that Rwanda could be rich with previously unknown deposits of minerals.

Rare earth elements are essential in developing high-tech devises in the areas of communication, defence, alternative energy, among others.

According to Dr. Munyangabe they will carry out more advanced surveys to see if more mineral deposits can be discovered.

The ongoing exploration which started in 2016 and is set to be completed this February.

Last year, Rwanda earned generated $160 million (about Rwf134 billion) from the mineral sector.




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