New Lottery boosts use of electronic billing machines

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New Lottery boosts use of electronic billing machines

Electronic billing machines

The country’s tax body, Rwanda Revenue Authority-RRA has said the new consumer lottery is boosting the use of Electronic Billing Machines, introduced to curb value Added Tax –VAT evasion by businesses.

The new lottery that was introduced in September, 2015 provides consumers who demand for invoices from the products purchased a chance to win cash prices as well as other prizes.

“This is all about luring consumers to request for Electronic Billing Machines-EBM invoices,” said Emmy Mbera, EBM project coordinator during an exclusive interview with this website.

He adds,” Our consumers have a culture of not requesting for invoices and we want to change this through this lottery.”

The lottery which is different from the previous consumer awards that received a cold sigh from consumers due to its complicity in identifying winners, provides on the invoice mobile phone numbers for a consumer which is easier to identify.

“Previously, we were  identifying  consumers using the invoice numbers and  publish them on our  website, but  this time we call all lucky winners to participate,”  he noted.

The tax body is opportunistic that involving consumers by encouraging them to demand for invoices is the efficient way of boosting the use of EBMs.

“We believe (RRA) that consumers can play a big role in compelling resistant business community to issue EBM invoices by asking the receipt whenever they purchase,” he added.

Antoine Mbonigaba, one of the 50 lucky winners for the month of October says that the lottery   has helped him to demand for invoices. Fifty winners are selected every month.

“I find it now more important to keep records of my expenditure through these invoices,” he   said.

According to tax body statistics, over 9,700 VAT registered taxpayers have already bought the EBM when compared to 12,000 total VAT registered taxpayers.



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