Mukarange Health Center Accused of Neglecting Patients

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By Daniel Sabiiti

Mukarange hospital Hospital accused of neglecting patients.

Patients at Mukarange Health Center has raised concerns of poor health service in less than a week after their medics attending a civic education training (ingando) made a commitment to improve service this year.

A site visit done by KigaliToday to the health center, located in Kayonza district, shows most of the patients having exhausted face looks, seated in long queues with no one to attend to the for hours.

“We make long journeys to come here for treatment as early as six o’clock but we spend hours waiting and end up going back without getting medical attention” said Claudine Mukamana, one of the female patients.

Some of the complaints include, medical staff not paying attention to duty, working as required- aspects to which some of them say has resulted into some patients going into worse critical medical conditions compared to how they came.

Chantal Uwanyirigira, the director of Mukarange Health Center declined to comment on the allegations telling reporters that she had no information to disclose to the media.

However, a district health services official, Alphonse Ngarambe who was willing to speak to local media said that he had no prior information about the issues raised by patients but said the claims could possibly be true.

“It is possible this could be happening and we are going to make an immediate follow up to rectify this problem” Ngarambe said. “But it is also important that patients pinpoint departments which they say have poor services”












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