Mpayimana Speaks Out On Results

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Independent candidate, Phillipe Mpayimana said on a televised interview that “We are following election results. For now am happy and as results come in I hope our results will be good, the choice shows that RPF is better than us. But I would like Rwandans to continue with the same spirit of elections. I am happy the elections were peaceful. But when we close polls we shall work together” 

Candidate Paul Kagame, is leading in the Presidential polls with a total of  54582 votes(99.38%) so far counted – with this margin the Rwanda Patriotic Front party could be destined to take the presidency and manage the country for the next 7-years.

On Friday night National Electoral Commission presented to the nation 40% of the total votes so far counted. Then another 60% will follow. By end of tonight, NEC said it should be able to relay some 70% of the results.

Prof. Kalisa Mbanda the Chairman National Electoral Commission on Friday night announced preliminary poll results. Tomorrow on Saturday evening, the commission said it could be able to announce the full final results.

Candidate Frank Habineza 40, the flag bearer of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) has scored 189 votes (0.34%) total votes so far counted. The party has hosted its supporters at Lemigo Hotel in Kigali.

Other candidates remain below 1 percent. Gatsibo district still counting and results to be announced soon while Kayonza and Kirehe, Ngoma has come in with Kagame leading still above 90 percent. Nyagatare and Rwamagana districts have come in.

The countrywide mood after NEC Rwanda has showed out the results the will partially determine who will win. Mr Mpayimana, a former journalist, said his participation in the election will open doors to more ordinary Rwandans to take part in democratic processes in the country.



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