Mpayimana Fails to Gain Ground in his Home District

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Mpayimana hunting for votes in Nyamata town in Bugesera district

With three candidates battling it out for the presidency, the election campaign has attracted an independent candidate Philippe Mpayimana who is struggling to gain support from his home district of Bugesera.

Mpayimana today kicked off his 2017 presidential campaign in Bugesera district staging campaigns in Nyamata, Gashora, Ruhuha, and Busoro.

According to his campaign program –the campaign was scheduled to start at 8; 00 am but Mpayimana was nowhere to be seen at the first campaign site. There was no one to welcome him, except the security operatives deployed for his security.

Later at exactly 9.30am, independent candidate arrived alone, dressed in a black suit, shoes, and blue stripped shirt in a white Corolla XE 100 (Reg. No RAB 788 D) saloon car.

He was escorted by a presidential protection unit (PPU) bodyguard opened the candidate’s car door upon arrival but waited on by a handful of journalists assigned to his campaign trail.

Mpayimana waited for an hour waiting too, standing on the streets of Nyamata town brazing the hot sunny day. With no family or friends around him, Mpayimana was determined to make his achievement a memorable moment and said that he is ready to take over from president Kagame through the ballot.

“The reason why no Rwandan is ready to take over from President Kagame is because Rwandans don’t want to be involved in politics” he said surrounded by his supporters.

As residents engaged Mpayimana in a question and answer time –he was asked what he really plans to do for Rwandans if elected president.

In his response he said “I will scrap all general taxes and remain with taxes on profits made on products or service. For example there will be no need to pay land taxes”.

At the end of the first trail in Nyamata, Mpayimana had managed to solicit between 100- 150 youthful citizens. At Gashora, Mpayimana addressed close to 100 onlookers.



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