Morocco to open embassy in Rwanda

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By Kalinda Brenda


The Kingdom of Morocco has announced plan to open its embassy in Rwanda’s capital Kigali to boost diplomatic and economic ties with the country before end of this year.

Mezouar Salaheddine, Moroccan foreign affairs Minister emphasized this addressing African journalists participating in a press trip in the run up to the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“We shall be opening an Embassy beginning with Rwanda in the last quarter of this year and hopefully in Uganda the following year,” he said adding the King’s objective is to boost diplomatic and economic ties in East African Region.

“The region is very strategic for us and must have our presence to boost our diplomatic and economic ties. We have already started on the process of opening an embassy in Rwanda, later Uganda” He added.

The establishment of Morocco’s embassy in Rwanda comes after an official visit of President Paul Kagame in June 2016 where he met His Majesty Mohammed VI, the king of Morocco and discussed diplomatic and economic opportunities.

He also met Moroccan business leaders in Casablanca.

Moroccan investors from a variety of fields including banking, infrastructure, tourism and the pharmaceutical sector were keen to learn more about Rwanda’s business environment.

The Saham Group is one of the Morocco’s companies operating in Rwanda and it acquired a 66% stake in Corar-AG, the third largest insurance provider.

Mezouar stressed that although there was an established relationship between his country and Rwanda plus Uganda, the agreements will contribute a lot to both countries.

Rwandans have been obtaining their visa to Morocco in Kenya.



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