More Rwandan students for internship in Israel

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More Rwandan students for internship in Israel

Another group of about 90 students from Rwandan universities will be selected by the ministry of Agriculture, to attend internship studies at the AgroStudies, International Center for Agricultural Interns in Israel

The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr. Agnes Kalibata said the Rwandan students will leave for Israel beginning in the new school year, October 2013.

This announcement comes after the CEO of AgroStudies, Yaron Tamir and Head of International & Student Relations Inbal Shoval on May 20th, 2013, visited the ministry to discuss the parameters of the internship program and its benefits to the students of Rwanda.

Last year, in October 2012, a group of 30 students selected from two Rwanda Universities- ISAE Busogo and Umutara Polytechnic University were admitted to follow their internship in Horticulture in Israel.

Minister Kalibata says that the internship program comes at the perfect time; one of the biggest challenges in Rwanda and its agriculture sector is capacity development.

“This internship program will provide huge benefits to the youth of the country. As the next generation, investing in youth means ensuring a good future for Rwanda, especially for the agriculture sector, which is viewed as a high priority for the country in its development and international success,” she said

Kalibata also stated that learning from other countries and drawing from international lessons equips students with multiple perspectives and a greater ability to transform Rwanda.

The internship comes from the MOU signed between the ministry of Agricuture and Agro Studies Institution which represents the Government of Israel in July, 2012.

“Agro Studies” is the biggest institution in Israel that deals with Agriculture and has developed the sector despite the small arable land challenge that the country is facing.
Agro Studies offers the training to 500 students from 6 countries and this year the number will increase to 650 students and they accepted that among them 30 will be from Rwanda.

Agro studies offer several courses in Poultry, Aquaculture, Apiculture and Horticulture. The course they offer is divided into two programs: Theoretical class learning program  and practical training  where students go into farms for practical skills .

The program gathers students from South Asian and African countries including the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Rwanda, Togo, Borkina Faso, and Ivory Coast to Israel, offering a program that combines practical training and theoretical studies in one or more various agricultural fields.



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