Military Court Postpones Hearing Murder Case over Mental Illness

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Nsanzumuhire (L) co-accused of Maj Dr Rutaganda (R) said he can’t stand a trial due to metal illness.

The Nyamirambo based Military court in Rwanda’s Capital Kigali has for the second time postponed hearing a case involving Maj Dr. Aimable Rugomwa and his brother Mamerito Nsanzumuhire, both accused of murder.

Lawyers of the defendants submitted their request pleading the court to give them time to one of their clients – Nsanzumuhire “to seek medical treatment for his mental illness” before proceeding with hearings.

On September 14, the court had ruled for a remand of the two suspects; agreeing to postmortem results which found that one Mbarushimana Theogene was hit in the head leading to subsequent fatal death on September 4, 2016.

Prosecution blamed the death to Maj Rugomwa while saying he beat up Mbarushimana who allegedly was coming to steal from his home, alleging that his brother connived with him.

Both suspects pleaded not guilty. Maj .Dr. Rugomwa, who was works at Kanombe Military hospital, told court that on September 3, buglers had jumped over the fence of his house and tried to steal from the car parked in the compound but escaped.

However, the following day the maid noticed the buglers had returned and informed Maj. Dr. Rugomwa’s wife.

At about 9-10pm on the fateful day, Maj. Dr. Rugomwa walked out of the house and two buglers immediately escaped by climbing over the fencing wall.

While in the compound, Maj. Dr. Rugomwa noticed someone opening the main gate and allegedly saw Mbarushimana holding a big stone which he placed under the car as an improvised jerk.

He said he punched the victim who fought him.

“I don’t agree killing him because I called the local leader and other people. They didn’t know him,” Maj. Dr. Rugomwa said adding that he later learnt that Mbarushimana had died.

The Prosecution however, said Rugomwa intruded the victim’s house and beat him to death.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Maj. Innocent Karara told the court ‘the defendants are just giving an excuse of illness to buy time.”

The hearing will resume on Thursday February 9, 2017.



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