Man attempts Rwf30.5million bank robbery

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Man attempts Rwf30.5million bank robbery

A suspected bank robber has been arrested in connection with attempt to steal Rwf30.5millions from Kenya Commercial Bank client in Rwanda.

Sources indicate that the suspects are believed to have attempted to withdraw the funds from a Bank of Kigali (BK) branch in Kigali city, when they were arrested by police this this February 5, 2016

“Gilbert Mazimpaka, is one of the suspects who attempted to withdraw the money at the BK main branch, and he was nabbed in the process” a BK banker told this website.

Sources from the BK management stated that the suspect (Mpazimpaka) forged a KCB client’s cheque slip and tried to deposit the money onto a Bank of Kigali account through a bank transfer.

“The move was foiled after the real account owner received an short message (SMS) alert and called the bank immediately,” the source said, resulting to the immediate arrest of the suspect as the bank officials confirmed the illegal transaction.

Similar cases of attempted bank robberies through forgery, and money laundry have happened before, even when government has asked banks to tighten security on cheque operations.

In 2014, a Nigerian citizen, Seheed Olalejan Adebayo worked with a Rwandan national-John Ruzige Gasana, to register a scam company; Miriensol Holdings Limited claiming that they would be offering travel and tour services.

The duo conned a local bank and acquired a countertop card ‘Point-of-Sell’ (POS) device – a machine used to process financial transaction from one bank account to another using a credit or debit card.

In less than a week, the tour and travel company had received US$175,800 (Rwf130million) from several POS payments all coming from several individuals across Europe, sparking a police investigation which led to their subsequent arrest.



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