Man arrested over attempt to bribe Police officers

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Police in Kayonza District are holding a man identified as Theophile Murwanashyaka, in connection with attempt to bribe Police officers with Rwf20, 000.

The suspect, according to police, was attempting to use the bribe to have his impounded motorcycle, RD 684N, released.

It had been impounded after Murwanashyaka was intercepted transporting meat.

According to the Eastern Region Police spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, the suspect who was arrested on October 6, called a police officer and claimed that he needed a service from the officer and insisted on meeting him in person.

“The officer suspected Murwanashyaka was up to something fishy and went with his colleagues as backup. Upon meeting, Murwanashyaka asked the officer to facilitate the release of his motorcycle and attempted to bribe him for the service. Murwanashyaka was immediately arrested,” said IP Kayigi.

“Corruption or bribery has no place in Rwanda National Police; so it’s high time people understood that attempting to bribe a Police officer, is no wisdom and a crime you will be charged with,” Kayigi said.

He added that “Police doors are open to any person who has an issue they want to discuss or be addressed but not to address a crime with another crime.”

“If Murwanashyaka’s motorcycle is impounded it can’t be released until legal procedures are concluded,  a bribe can’t, instead it is counted as another crime.”

Article 641 of the Penal Code stipulates that any person who directly or indirectly offers a gift in order to get an illegal service or refrain from carrying out their duties shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of between five and seven years or a fine of twice to ten times the value of what they had offered in bribes, or both.


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