Man arrested for issuing death threats

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 Police in Kayonga District have arrested a 30 year old man who allegedly issued death threats to his colleagues apparently accusing them of being behind the termination of his job contract.
The suspect identified as Jacques Mbonimpa lost his job at a Soya processing factory recently due to gross misconduct.
 He then blamed four of his workmates of conspiring against him, and started threatening to kill them.
 Feeling indeed threatened, Mbonimpa’s former colleagues hurriedly reported to police seeking protection.
 In their preliminary investigations, Police attempted to reach out to Mbonimpa to ascertain if he indeed issued the threats.
 According to Kayonza District Police Commander (DPC), Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) John Nsanzimana, when officers arrived at Mbonimpa’s home, he had locked himself in his house and was unwilling to cooperate or even respond to officers’ call.
 “As officers guarded the house waiting for Mbonimpa to come out or cooperate, he instead tried to sneak out to flee. When officers stopped him, he became violent, injured one of the officers but he was restrained and taken into custody,” CIP Nsanzimana said.
 He is currently held at Mukarange Police station.
 The DPC hastened to add that; “What is important is that we saved lives and prevented a crime before it could happen. The group that Mbonimpa threatened made a wise decision to call for police intervention, which should be the immediate right call for anyone who feels threatened and avoid taking matters in their own hands.”
He referred to article 170 of the penal code that places a jail sentence of up to six months and a fine range between Rwf500,000 and Rwf1 million for such an offence, upon conviction.

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