Makuza Bernard Electrifies Crowd at President Paul Kagame’s Rally

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Senate president Bernard Makuza in a rally in Nyamasheke made exciting comments endorsing the re-election of President Paul Kagame.

The Senate president noted that the poor state Rwanda was going through compelled Kagame to abandon his studies in the USA to join the liberation struggle alongside the RPF liberators to restore Rwanda’s dignity.

“I want Kagame to lead Rwanda for the next 17 years…”and beyond if possible” Senate president Bernard Makuza told Nyamasheke residents.

Makuza explained Kagame uniqueness adding that Kagame was in 2003 voted as the president of Rwanda after serving as a Vice president.  “We are happy that you accepted the choice, and have spearheaded the vision 2020 which has brought Rwanda to this moment”.

In Red T-shirt and cap, the former Prime has given a number of reasons why RPF candidate Paul Kagame fits to lead Rwanda in the next seven years “Kagame is physically, mentally and wisedomly fit”.

The issue of Kagame’s fitness idea was first raised by a voter in Ngoma district during an RPF rally

Speaking during a rally Vestina Nyiratebuka, the head of Batwa community in Nyabitekera sector and council member has said Paul Kagame changed the lives of the discriminated communities.

“For Batwa they used to call us. But u gave us back our dignity. We had been thrown and dropped from the community but your leadership has given us value. Built us houses, our children in school.

“I studied with hunger, discriminated in past government, no book no uniform as a child, but now my child is in senior 2 because of you Mr. President”

Nyiratebuka with wild applause said “We shall vote you 100 percent as Twa –is the message I bring as a representative” Nyiratebuka told Kagame at Nyamasheke rally”.



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