Legislative election: a focus on RPF campaigns countrywide

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President Paul Kagame on August 26 officially launched the Rwanda Patriotic Front- led coalition (RPF-Inkotnayi) nationwide campaigns for the party’s candidate vying for the legislative election scheduled for September 16 seats.

 m_a focus on RPF campaigns countrywide

Kagame reached out for voters saying that all Rwandans have a stake in the development of their country and have the responsibility to work together for the common goal of development.

Kagame made the remarks while rallying voters for the Rwanda Patriotic Front candidates as the official RPF legislative elections campaign kick-off as the legislative elections kicked off this August 16.

Kagame said that the Rwanda Patriotic Front will to deliver on its promises since it works for the amelioration of the wellbeing of all Rwandans and champions hard work and self belief of the Rwandans.

“RPF has never expected to achieve without working hard, we have always and will continue to work hard to achieve our goals. We pledge development, electricity and water for all, continuous improvement to health care and education. We are determined to serve every Rwandan equally and work together to develop our nation.”

Rwanda’s ruling party, RPF, has made a coalition with four other parties; PDI, PPC, PDC and PSR declared their support to RPF during the legislative elections, in the spirit of consensual democracy.

During the launch President Kagame urged Rwandans to turn up in big numbers to vote during the upcoming legislative elections to choose candidates who would represent them and serve their interests best.

In the southern Province, the three hours campaign trail mood was characterized with high jubilation as hundreds of RPF-Inkotanyi supporters gathered at Huye Sector, Huye District, dressed in the party’s colors-red, white and blue- and waving the party’s flag chanted and danced ecstatically to the sound of the party’s songs.

 m_a focus on RPF campaigns countrywide1

RPF supporter stated that under the leadership of RPF, Rwanda has made tremendous achievements and there is need to safeguard this transformation by voting for the party candidates in the parliament.

Party supporter Maria Mukakalisa, said that RPF gave her hope at a time when she was desperate widow. She said that the party’s policy of free education and access to health services through Mutuelle de Santé has been a turning point in her welfare.

In the Northern Province, in Musanze district Commissioner of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) Pierre Damien Habumuremyi officially launched the party’s campaign which was attended by thousands of supporters, in Remera sector, braving an afternoon sunshine for hours.

 m_a focus on RPF campaigns countrywide2

Habumuremyi told Musanze residents that the ruling party knows the needs of the people and will always strive to champion the country’s development. “RPF knows and values all your expectations, and will never disappoint Rwandans at any point. As we have done before, we shall continue to strive to improve the welfare of Rwandans; we have a rich development agenda, which includes the plan to extend water and electricity to all,”

He added that with the people’s mandate the party needs to have its candidates in parliament so to accomplish its development projects and also increase on the existing health facilities, through constructing more hospitals, and increasing and equipping schools across the country.

On August 27, Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) held its first campaign in the Eastern Province by staging rallies in the districts of Kirehe and Ngoma. Thousands of supporters participated in the campaigns during which they sang patriotic songs and praised the party’s achievements, particularly, in the economic sector.

RPF Commissioner Antoine Mugesera, highlighted RPF’s track record since it came into power, adding that the party’s manifestos in different elections have always been delivered upon.

“You have witnessed enormous development in all spheres in the last ten years or so…this was not a miracle, but good leadership driven by the desire to serve the people,” he said.

The Chairperson of RPF in the Province, Odette Uwamariya, said the success of RPF is evident in the province and for the first time, the districts of Kirehe and Ngoma accessed clean water and electricity, under the RPF leadership, while all sectors in Ngoma district have electricity, and so was Kirehe district.

Apparently, on August 28, In Rwamagana district, RPF supporters also held campaigns at Nzige stadium attended by masses of energetic and enthusiastic supporter- who stated that they will vote 100% for the RPF candidates, since they have high hopes in their ability to perform.

While a day earlier, RPF commissioner Antoine Mugesera, rallied residents of Ngoma district and assured them that the party will not let down the Rwandan community. The campaign held in Rurenge sector was also successful and also full attended by masses.

The Western province campaigns were romp and pomp in Rusizi district as the RPF launched its nationwide legislative campaign for its candidates.

One of the candidates, Theobard Mporanyi told residents and voters to look at their history and see how far they have come with the leadership of the RPF led government. He said that this transformation that Rwanda has gone through is enough reason for Rwandans to trust and vote for its candidates who have the capabilities continuing to pursue community development in the next parliament mandate.

 m_a focus on RPF campaigns countrywide3

Other candidates on the Rusizi campaign trail also promised to advocate for the community development especially in infrastructure, access to health and education and general economic improvement of each family in Rusizi, once elected to the next parliament.

The same beat was also taken in Karongi district, Western province where over three thousand residents danced and celebrated the leadership of RPF. The party candidates made a successful campaign trail and told residents to look at what the party has done.

“For RPF it is evidence we talk of, it is not words but action. Even if one was a child, blind or deaf, they would notice what the party has done in this community” said Jean Claude Mutuyimana, one the vying candidates.

In Kigali city, hundreds of supporters converged at Camp Kigali Stadium on August 27 chanted some of the party’s favourite songs as RPF-Inkotanyi coalition launched the party’s campaigns in Nyarugenge District.

 m_a focus on RPF campaigns countrywide4

The enthusiastic supporters cited the party’s track record of improving the economic situation, freedom, and dignity of Rwandans and praised the party for extending vital services to the people.

Party candidates campaigned with promises to develop the country’s economy through good governance, an effective justice system, affordable education, modern agriculture, accessible healthcare, industrialization, and infrastructure development, among others.

Nyarugenge District residents suggested that the candidates should consider making education entirely free for the poor and reduce property taxes for some of the poor landlords in the city.

The RPF party’s coalition partners include the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), Parti Socialiste Rwandais (PSR), Parti du Progrès et la Concorde (PPC) and Centrist Democratic Party (PDC).

Elections for the 53 openly contested parliamentary seats are scheduled for September 16, The Lower Chamber of Parliament has 80 members, but only 53 slots are openly contested for through universal adult suffrage, while the other 27 are reserved for special interest groups, namely women (24), the youth (2) and the disabled (1).



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