Karongi Coffee Farmers Back in the Fields as Prices Soar

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Coffee farmers in Karongi district are happy as coffee prices have gone up this season as compared to same period last year.

The price of fresh coffee cherries has gone up to Frw264RWf per kilo from Frw150 .

Karangwa Evode, a coffee farmer from Karongi district said price increases have come about because of the strict measures put in to improve the quality of coffee. He added it’s a good season for him as he plans to use the income from sales to renovate his house.

According to the Bloomberg report, Brazil is still foundering in a drought, cutting down robusta harvests and also too much rain is hitting robusta harvests in Vietnam, the world’s largest robusta producer, and Indonesia.

Bloomberg predicted that prices will increase, causing a “domino effect” that has already affected prices of fancier, more expensive beans like arabica.

Price increases have come at a time when there is an increase in the quantity of green coffee produced in the country last year.

According to National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB), total production of green coffee increased to 1,762,630 kilogrammes in December 2016 from 1,569,075 kilogrammes.

Statistics indicate the overall country produced more than 22,008,931 kilogrammes of coffee in 2016 compared to 21,801,913 kilogrammes in 2015.

NAEB attributed the increase to the heavy rains and modern farming practices that Rwandan farmers have been embracing.




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