Kagame says Gicumbi residents ‘faithful’ allies in liberation struggle

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Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has paid tribute to the population of Rubaya, in Gicumbi district, northern part of Rwanda, for their generosity to him and his men during the liberation struggle.


“You protected us; you fed us and facilitated us to win the struggle. We cannot have enough to thank you but will always consider your hand in the struggle,” said the President on July 4while celebrating the country liberation, of which he is an icon.

Back in 1992, Kagame’s Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi settled in Rubaya, precisely at Gishambashayo, a hilly green land at some kilometers from Uganda.

RPF made the place a sickbay as they were planning the assault of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city.

It was also the main garage of RPF among other facilities of the army that attacked Rwanda from Uganda in 1990.

Kagame settled in the nearby Mulindi sector which served the RPF main base during the struggle.

Other parts of the country were cursing the RPF, calling them cockroaches, cannibals and other names that were invented by the genocidal regime.

Across the country, hunt of accomplices or people that were alleged to support RPF was delicate.

However, Rubaya community considered not to sabotage Inkotanyi’s advance.

President Kagame who would march on Kigali on July 4, 1994 has said of the hospitable population of Gicumbi that they knew what RPF was struggling for:  liberation for everyone.

After overthrowing the genocidal regime which massacred over a million Tutsis during the 20th century big tragedy, the genocide against Tutsi, RPF led government tried over 1.9 million cases related to genocide crimes.

They were expected to take over a hundred years in conventional courts were cleared within ten years through community participative courts, Gacaca.

In recognition of the good deeds of Gicumbi residents, the Rwanda Defense Forces(RDF) constructed a modern market, a health post and a model primary school with a capacity to accommodate 413 pupils in Gishambashayo, ‘as part of waging a war on human security,” according to Gen. Nzabamwita, army and defense spokesperson.

Launching the health post, RDF carried a week long free medical treatment of the nearby population. About 8000 patients benefited free treatment.


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