Kagame family accredit women for Rwanda’s Economic Development

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Ivan and Ange Kagame, Son and Daughter of Rwanda's President Paul Kagame

Ivan and Ange Kagame, Son and Daughter of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame

Two elder children of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda revealed their perspective on what drives Rwanda’s economic prosperity.

Ange and Ivan Kagame both believe; gender parity particularly addressing women concerns is the rear Rwanda’s Developmental wheel.

“…. my country’s political leaders changed the laws that had held back girls and women in all areas of their lives.  All of Rwandan society prospers when girls are able to receive a decent education, and when equality in the private sector of the economy means businesses can provide good jobs for both men and women. Other countries should learn that, as Rwanda has demonstrated, the path of progress on women’s rights isn’t an easy one, but it’s a journey clearly worth taking.” Revealed Ivan Kagame in an interview with the Global Citizen.

In Ivan’s views, a huge success on Rwanda’s gender gap has to do with the government’s decision to create legal equality for girls and women.

As for Ange Kagame in her renowned support of ‘Level the Law Campaign’ has personal views on the importance of eliminating discriminatory legislature holding girls back and harming women around the world. Ange backs her country Rwanda and the leadership of her father Paul Kagame socio-political move towards leveling opportunities both for men and women.

“…….my country has made great strides towards achieving women’s legal equality.  The prominent role of women in Rwanda today is due to conscious decisions made by the post-genocide leadership, which supports their active participation in all aspects of the nation’s development. This is why I support the Level the Law campaign” Explains Ange Kagame.

ANGE further challenges the traditions in most African countries and the world at large arguing that the patriarch system that lasted for ages has contributed to massive failure in human history.

“With improved quality of life and legal equality have empowered women, especially, to challenge traditional assumptions and exhibit a self-confidence in their personal and professional lives that breaks down real and perceived boundaries between individuals, neighbors, and communities. But most importantly, for community outreach to be successful there needs to be trust in the leadership. For everything and anything to be done community consultations are conducted at all levels- this creates ownership and a platform to defy traditional preconceived notions. I believe, this is why it has worked in Rwanda” The President’s only daughter told the Global Citizen.

According to Ivan, his father Paul Kagame has inspired numerous men who had initially left the movement for women’s rights to be. Ivan argues; a pivotal change is obvious where there is an increasing number of men involving in women empowerment and gender equality movement.

“……. Inspired and encouraged by role models, such as my father (President of Rwanda Paul Kagame), young adult men of my generation have grown up surrounded by educated, successful working women – their sisters and their mothers, for example – whose very lives have demonstrated the necessity, and the benefits to everyone, of treating men and women equally” said the President’s eldest Son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame.


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