Kagame Exhibits Confidence to Win as he Woos Ruhango People to Re-Elect Him

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President Paul Kagame has launched a scathing attack on his critics, saying that the election results are already known.

Speaking on Friday, July 14, during his campaign rally in Ruhango district, Kagame exuded confidence of trouncing his fierce rivals, in the August 4, 2017 polls while insisting that whoever this hurts is their own business.

In Ruhango, Kagame said his victory was obtained in December 2015 when Rwandans voted in a referendum to amend the constitution to have him come back for a third term.

“If you follow news, let me tell you. Journalists write that our elections are just a game because the results are known. I am even glad that the outcomes are known,” Kagame said.

“The election results are already known. Whoever this hurts is their own business.”

The RPF candidate reiterated that he is confident of winning the presidential race by virtue of the development track record of his administration to transform lives of Rwandans, as opposed to his opponents’ mere rhetoric.

Kagame also said that if more than four millions petitioned parliament to have him re-elected. According to him that was already a victory, “the victory is assured.”

Eight opposition political parties that endorsed Kagame as their prefered candidate in the on-going presidential campaigns were recognised at the campaign rally in Ruhango district;

Among the parties that backed Kagame include PL, PSD, PDC, PDI, UDPR, PSR, PPC and PSP.




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