Iwawa Rehab Graduates Declare War Against Drugs

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By Kalinda Brenda

Graduates of Iwawa rehabilitation and vocational skills development center (IRVSDC) want to contribute to be job creators instead of burdening society. On Friday, 1,121 youths graduated at Iwawa rehab- the graduates shared various commitments in their new life.

“Within a year, I have learnt a lot of things and I don’t tend to misuse them. I will use the acquired skills to develop and build a new life that will give me a better future,” said Thomas Nkuriyehe one of the graduates.

At Iwawa, Nkuriyehe learnt tailoring. He said that with his colleagues, they will form a cooperative.  “We will also be advising drug addicts to quit,” he said.

Aimée Bosenibamwe, the director general of national rehabilitation service urged graduates to use skills gained at Iwawa and not to subscribe to drugs anymore.

To the parents he advised to constantly monitor their children so that they do not become deviants. Local leaders should also embrace this move. “We kindly request local leaders to help you put in action your skills so that you benefit from them,” Bosenibamwe said.

“Although we let you go, we remain worried that some of you may go back to streets and drugs. You easily forget the huge amount of money that the government spends on you,” he added.

Bosenibamwe said that one of the biggest challenge is that some of the Iwawa students have no family and when they get out of the school, they become homeless.

Of the 1121 graduates on Friday, 225 have no families to welcome them which also makes their monitoring difficult according to Bosenibamwe.

In previous intakes, some Iwawa graduates returned to streets and were sent back to the centre.

Iwawa centre was established in 2010. So far, it has rehabilitated 12,127 youth trained in different vocational skills including; tailoring, modern farming, carpentry to mention but a few



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