ISCO unveils state-of-the art Head offices

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ISCO unveils state-of-the art Head offices

Rwanda’s leading security company has unveiled a state of the office block in Kigali as part of implementing its new vision and commitment to serve the Rwandan community diligently and professionally.

The newly constructed state-of-the-art ISCO Headquarters office block is now located in Gikondo on KN 3 Road, and has lush parking space that can contain their fleet of over 70 vehicles, surveillance cameras at every point.

The new facility also doubles as the housing for a Cash-processing centre – one of ISCO’s new innovative solutions and the first of its kind in Rwanda.

In October 2015, ISCO made a new promise, a new vision and new commitment that came with a rebrand of the business from Intersec Security guards (dressed in yellow and black) to ISCO (dressed in blue, white and red).

This promise also came with a new dimension of the company to expand their vision and diversify from solely providing guarding services into transportation, courier, warehousing, internet services and cash services.

“The facility is seated on very highly secure vault that commercial banks and businesses that handle large cash can use to have their money sorted, counted and packed in a manner as required by the central bank” said ISCO’s Managing Director, Vincent Gatete.

 Cash-processing centre which is one of ISCO’s new innovative solutions

Cash-processing centre which is one of ISCO’s new innovative solutions

The internal organization of cash handling with banks has often been problematic, due to its complexity and being energy and time consuming.

For Gatete, this is one of the reasons why the company had to think swiftly to address these issues of dependence and high costs of acquiring cash money and he considers this as the right solution to a steadily rising cost that can burden the financial growth of Rwanda.

“Outsourcing cash processing activities to a professional subcontractor brings multiple advantages. The key business benefit to our partners is the possibility to concentrate on their core activities and grow their business, leaving the technical processes to ISCO” Gatete said.

With companies like ISCO investing in developing internal systems and adding value through new innovative services to keep up with the growing demands of the economy, Rwanda can plight herself in being a hub of innovation in the East African region.



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