International ICT exhibition to showcase latest innovations

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International ICT exhibition to showcase latest innovations

Transform Africa Summit

Latest innovations that are driving Africa’s growth will be highlighted at this year’s international ICT exhibition in Kigali next week.

The exhibition is part of the programs in the Transform Africa2015, a high level continental summit that aims at accelerating digital innovation across Africa that will kick off on Monday 19th October at Serena hotel.

The exhibitions are expected to bring together exhibitors from across the world that will be able to highlight different technological innovations that have helped shape the continent’s economic   growth.

“Will highlight the latest innovations that are driving Africa’s socioeconomic transformation in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Government and Financial Inclusion,” a statement from the transform Africa2015 noted.

Accordingly, the exhibitions will also give a chance for different innovators to share different experiences as well as equip each other with the latest technology and development in other parts.

“This is an opportunity to showcase what we have and also learn from others,” said Sylvere Kubwineza, a communication specialist with Irembo, a one-stop portal for e-Government services which is among the exhibitors.

Experts believe that with the continued growth of savvy technology as well as its application in all sectors of the economy would likely augment the continents economic growth.

“The technology sector is a highly dynamic industry and the pace of change is rapid,” Rob Siegers, President, Global Technology Sector for DHL said earlier with this website while commenting on the growth of technology in Africa.

He adds, “we currently see two distinct trends: the advance of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and others which are changing business models as technology companies are looking to enhance their products.”

Exhibitors at this  International ICT exhibition will include among others Hexacomb, MObisol,Kountable,Gasabo 3D, Carnegie Melon University Rwanda, CISCO, ,Erickson, Rswitch, telecom companies and internet service providers.



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