IGP Gasana challenges motorcyclists on security

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IGP Emmanuel. K. Gasana speaking to motorcyclists operating in the City of Kigali.

IGP Emmanuel. K. Gasana speaking to motorcyclists operating in the City of Kigali.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana has urged thousands of commercial motorcyclists operating in the City of Kigali to be champions of public safety mainly through abiding by traffic rules and providing timely information to the police on wrongdoers.

Addressing the commercial motorcyclists at Amahoro stadium on Saturday, shortly after Umuganda, the Police Chief took stock of their contribution to public safety and development and appealed to them to distance themselves from members who involve in varied malpractices and tarnish the image of their profession.

“Commercial motorcyclists like any other business profession, is valued for its significant role on the economy of Rwanda and individual development in particular, but what you do should as well carry and promote the image of safety and security,” IGP Gasana said.

He urged them to always be vigilant not to be used by criminals, who pose as passengers, and be defined by their professional conduct, integrity and standard for Rwandan values.

He further reminded them to value their lives while on road and ride with care respecting road safety standards, to prevent accidents and loss of lives.

During the event, motorists were given a presentation containing images of some of their colleagues, who violated traffic rules and end up in fatal accidents like overloading, and those caught transporting psychotropic substances.

Reacting on the images, the IGP condemned such malpractices and urged operators to take internal measures and partner with police by reporting such members, who hide behind the profession to abet other crimes and put people’s lives at risk.

“You should stand up against such ill-conducts and whenever you see a colleague violating the law, condemn them and where possible inform security organs,” he said.

“Some of you have had the courage of standing up against your colleagues who are involved in criminal activities; we encourage you to keep that spirit.”

The Police Chief further appealed to the motorcyclists to stand up and partner with police in the fight against corruption and bribery in particular, and utilize available communication channels to report such people, including police officers who involve in such malpractices.

Rwanda National Police currently has ten toll-free lines allocated for varied issues. They include 110 for maritime, 111 for fire and rescue brigade, 112 for emergency, 113 and 118 for traffic-related issues, 997 corruptions, 3511 abuse by police officer, 3512 A-GBV, 3029 Isange One Stop Centre and 116 child help line.

He highlighted drug abuse and human trafficking as other high impact crimes which they should give focus to fight.

The Vice Mayor in Charge of Economic development in the City of Kigali, Parfait Busabizwa, ceased the opportunity to tutor motorcyclists on the link between security and hygiene.

“Rwanda’s main resource is her person; that’s why we can’t afford to lose them because of a single individual’s mistakes. If you encounter one of your colleagues violating traffic rules, inform the police immediately,” Busabizwa said.

The vice mayor went on to urge them to take part in government development programmes saying that “there is a lot Rwanda can achieve through collective efforts.”

The President of the federation of motorcycle cooperatives in Rwanda (FERWACOTAMO) Celestin Ntaganzwa thanked Rwanda National Police for its continued partnership and requested the force to train more of their federation security personnel – a request that the IGP granted.




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