How barbers can contribute to crime prevention

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2016-08-29 08_51_06-1424638741saloon - Windows Photo ViewerEvery barber spends at least 30 minutes with a client; during that time, the two interact at length speaking about a cross section of issues.

According to Rwanda National Police, the time the duo spends together is sufficient for two individuals to know each other and sometimes influence each other’s decision.

It is in this line that the force reached out to 146 barbers of Kicukiro organized under their group, Union des Coiffure et Esthetique Kicukiro (U.C.E.K), and introduced them on the concept of community policing, and urged them to partner with police in information exchange on suspected criminals to fight and prevent crimes.

Speaking to the barbers, Kicukiro District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Hamdun Twizeyimana noted that some barbers abuse drugs.

He further said that abusing drugs is the most crime committed by barbers.

“Your platform shouldn’t entertain such individuals, it should instead be a forum where you help and advise each other to develop yourselves and join available efforts to prevent crimes,” IP Twizeyimana told the barbers.

“Besides you refraining from drug abuse, you should always tell your clients about effects of drug abuse….drug consumption has had negative impacts on individual health, education, morals, economy and influences users to commit other crimes such as domestic violence, theft, and at times homicides.”

“If you know or come across a drug dealer or abuse, just inform police, you will have played a role in promoting safety and security.”

The U.C.E.K association president Gervais Ndayizigiye, applauded RNP for the efforts made in fighting crimes but was quick again to lament that this was the first time the members had bonded with Police and promise to build the partnership.




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