How a Motorcyclist Protected Money of Passenger Involved in Accident

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On Sunday, Augustine Kayinamura boarded a commercial motorcycle from the city centre to downtown Nyabugogo. Unfortunately, along the way, the motorcycle was involved in an accident when it was hit by a coaster bus.

Although the motorcyclist identified as Donat Ndayiramiye was left unhurt, Kayinamura sustained injuries, and was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK).

The victim was unconscious, thus couldn’t protect his handheld envelope, the only luggage he had at the time. The motorcyclist neither knew what was in the envelope.

The envelope contained Rwf5.2 million.

“When the accident occurred, and I realized that my passenger was unconscious, I rushed to protect his envelope, despite not knowing what was inside,” said Ndayiramiye.

“There scene was overcrowded with onlookers and medical personnel, who had arrived with the ambulance, and I realized that if I don’t act fast, the envelope would vanish,” he adds.

“To be very sure of what I was securing, I checked the envelope, only to realize that it was full of money. This is the passenger I got in the city centre, I didn’t know his final destination nor his family,” says the motorcyclist.

Ndayiramiye’s only way to ensure that the money is well protected and returned to the owner or family, was the Police.

“I decided to declare the money to traffic officers at the scene. I am always driven by doing the right thing. It was very easy to take this money, and probably get away with it, but you have to remember that someone is also counting on that money for survival like my family is also counting on this motorcycle business for survival,” the father of one said.

He advised fellow motorcyclists to always be straightforward, honest and trustworthy in their transport business.

According to the spokesperson for the traffic and road safety department, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, the money has been handed over to the family members of the victim.

“The owner and family members were very happy when we gave them the money; they had no hope that they would recover it, and they sincerely appreciated the motorcyclist for being a trustworthy person,” CIP Kabanda said.

“This motorcyclist exhibited exemplary and honest behavior, which others should emulate. His actions represent the high standards that we expect from every citizen,” CIP Kabanda said.

“The motorcyclist could have opted to a risky path of taking the money; of course we would eventually arrest him but the story would be different. But in a responsible and trustworthy fashion, he protected returned the money, and even made sure that he gives it to the right people,” said Kabanda.

The conduct of the motorcyclist has taken the social media awash, with members of the public praising Ndayiramiye.

Daniel Ufitekirezi of Kacyiru christened Ndayiramiye ‘Inyangamugayo’ and ‘N’Ipfura” loosely translated as a noble person of integrity and honesty.

Ufitekirezi further said: “We are used to hearing policemen conducting themselves that way, but not motorcyclist; am short of words to describe his behaviors but may God… reward him.”

Herbert Rwego, on his twitter account, said: “This is what we need from all Rwandans. Uyu niwo muco nyarwanda togomba kugira. Turamushimiye pee (loosely translated as ‘this is the Rwandan culture that we should all emulate; thank you)”

Romeo Ishimwe, said: “Amazing! Good heart.”

Amir Cyusa Rugema said: “The world needs more people like this motorcyclist.”

Meanwhile, police has appealed to the public to desist from carrying large sums of money and to adopt modern electronic means of safe money transactions.


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