Health Workers Cooperatives are limited to some activities.

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Damien Mugabo, RCA leader

The administration of Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) says cooperatives of Health Workers are very rare and are limited to some things as long as they are made by health workers only.

Damien Mugabo, RCA Leader says that no “Health workers cooperatives are not allowed to do what other cooperatives do. This is based on the fact that everybody is free to join or leave the cooperative without any hinderance”.

He adds that no health worker cooperatives allowed doing general activities of other cooperatives as long as it is made by health workers only. Doing so would be delaying Rwandese in good plan aiming at development.

To RCA, Health workers are volunteers that serve Rwandese communities, so the government helped them to form cooperatives and getting shares like cooperatives but join efforts with other residents.

Ministry of Health in Rwanda says Health Workers are keeping over 620 million francs ($10million) to be used in activities of self development through cooperatives.

Cooperatives can fight poverty through job creation. Cooperatives have been a strong tool developed countries used to be where they are and developing the cooperative members.

In United States of America, cooperatives for residents contribute 35% of electricity used in that country and 95% of milk production in Denmark is from cooperatives. Members of these cooperatives get a lot of money on a daily basis.

The government of Rwanda found out that forming cooperatives is the best way to eradicate poverty if Rwandese are willing to join them with all their might.


A cooperative is a Non Governmental Organisation (N.G.O) composed of people that join on their own will with the purpose of solving general problems concerning their economy, social wellbeing and culture, working together for benefit. The cooperative members do share the losses and benefits in equal shares.

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