Gasabo district provides land for affordable housing

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By Daniel Sabiiti


Residents of Jabana sector in Gasabo district will soon be able to purchase land and construct affordable houses after the sector has availed land for construction of houses which are in line with the Kigali city Master plan.

At least 2500 affordable house are set to be constructed starting with this fiscal year, and the units be able to accommodate three categories of costs, a move that responds to the ‘lack’ land for construction within the district.

The three types of units will include those with annexes which will cost at least Rwf22million, while others will range between Rwf10million, Rwf12million and rwf5million to Rwf10milions (with the cost of the plot inclusive).

According to the land purchase plan, residents will be able to choose which of the units they can afford, but abide by rules.

Gabriel Karenzi, is one of the many residents who has been looking forward to owning a low cost house in the city, and he says that the move will enable many to own a house.

“With these prices, someone can start with a small house as they plan to expand it with the available funds” Karenzi said.

Jabana executive secretary, Jean Bosco Uzayisenga, said the planned housing settlements will have access to water, electricity, schools, health facilities, churches and play grounds within the vicinity.

Gilbert Nduwayezu, an expert in urban planning said that the plan is a good move which considers the needs of citizens while taking into consideration the need for infrastructure development.

“This housing plan is good because it focuses on infrastructure development without having houses of citizens demolished to pave way for development” Nduwayezu commented.

Besides the housing project in Jabana sector, Gasabo district also plans to construct two model Villages- which will house about 1.200 families according to the district masterplan in the fiscal year 2016-2017.

Similar model villages have been constructed in Rweru sector in Bugesera district,

These developments are expected to address the increasing demand for affordable housing in Kigali city, in which despite rapid urbanization, the city still struggles to widen the housing supply gap for residents with the lowest incomes.

A study done by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Rwanda Housing Authority, indicates that the country’s total housing needs in 2012-2022 were estimated to reach about 460,000 units, of which 344,068 were to be constructed.

The study put the housing demand per annum at 60,000 units countrywide, with Kigali alone needing half of the number. However, the supply was estimated at only 1,000 units per year.




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