Gakenke : Miners vow to conserve the environment

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Miners in Ruli sector, Gakenke district on 18th December 2011 conducted a study tour to Rubavu district to share knowledge and experience. After the tour, the Miners pledged more participation in activities meant to conserve the environment and maintain cleaniliness at their place of work.

The group of 30 miners visited Kominyabu Mining Cooperative that operates near Lake Kivu. Among its achievements, the Cooperative managed to dig up holes which hold water instead of channeling it to the lake after use.

Twagirijwe Protais who led the 30 miners said that they learnt alot from Kominyabu’s experience noting that used water from mines can contaminate water bodies like lakes and rivers. They promised to emulate this system of holding water after use.

Namahoro Jean de Dieu, a member of Ruli Mining Association praised the cooperative for ensuring and maintaining cleanliness at the mining complex which he promised to emulate and instil among fellow miners.

Bahati Samson who works for Eprocomu mining association noted that miners in Kominyabu Cooperative near lake Kivu have made tremendous progress in protecting the environment.

He cited an example of coffee plantations alongside the mining area, noting that they should also plant eucalyptus or other trees at their mining complex in Ruli.

The study tour conducted by four Mining Associations that operate in Ruli sector; Komikagi, Eprocomi, Ruli Mining and Munyabarenzi Emmanuel Limited. Also present were army and police officials.



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