Gakenke: Juice factory lacking raw materials

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The horticultural sector in Rwanda is emerging as a key agro-based initiative that is being recognised as potential in contributing to the national economy.

The sector has been subjected to informal market systems, where inconsistency in acquiring raw materials and having ready market remain major setbacks.

A juice processing factory in Gakenke district, work has almost come to a standstill after the factory faced a crisis of getting raw materials.

Mupfasoni Joyce, the factory coordinator says that over the past months they have been facing a problem of inadequate passion fruits. As she said, many people like passion fruit juice compared to strawberry juice and pineapple juice.

She went on to say that this makes passion fruits more expensive compared to other fruits. Now a kilogram of passion fruits is between 900 Rwanda francs and one thousand francs yet strawberries are bought at 300 Rwandan francs per kilo and one pineapple is bought at 150 francs.

Apart from limited raw materials, they said that they also lack enough bottles and containers for juice. the one who provides them gets them from Uganda and distributes them to three factories in this area. Sometimes they don’t work because of these bottles.

Nyirandikubwimana Daphrose the president of a cooperative that makes juice in Gakenke sector said that they also lack bottles. She said that they get delayed waiting for them and when they come they are not even enough.

She called upon private entrepreneurs to start factories that make such bottles since they are on high demand by many factories in the country.

After encouraging people to form cooperatives, the government gave these cooperatives advice and put emphasis on cultivation of crops that are usually needed including fruits.

The cooperatives have provided jobs to many people and improved fruits farming especially pineapples and passion fruits. It has also improved the welfare of many farmers.




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