France singer Corneille being used against Rwanda

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By Daniel Sabiiti

Rwanda National Unity and reconciliation commission (NURC) has trashed allegation made by France-Based artist Corneille Nyungura, who recently claimed that Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) killed his parents during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The commission says that Nyungura’s statements are not credible.

“Rwandans cannot waste time on a person who lacks credibility. What we know is that Nyungura is being used by other people in France. But this is not going to deter us from our sense of unity as Rwandans,” Fidele Ndayisaba, the Executive Secretary of NURC told Rwanda Eye.

France-based Rwandan Corneille Nyungura is changing his previous Genocide testimony he told French media ten years ago.

In 2006, Nyungura said that he was not aware of who killed his family during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, but his recent book- titled Là où le soleil disparaît (Where the sun disappears) now alleges that the then Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) killed his family during the liberation struggle.

This change of personal biography is believed to be part of a network of genocide deniers in France a country whose political and military officials knew about the Genocide preparations but did not prevent it, rather accelerated its execution until it took lives of 1 million Tutsi within three months.

On October 10, 2016 President Paul Kagame warned France that Rwanda is ready for a showdown-which in itself will not cost Rwandans anything and no one should be worried.

Kagame told Rwandans that France will not continue playing games on Rwanda after the latter has shown intentions of reviving an investigation into the shot down of former president Juvenal Habyarimana near Kigali International Airport.

For 22 years Rwandans had overcome the wounds of genocide but allegations by Rwandan artist Corneille Nyungura have intent to revive the old past pain, according to officials in fight against genocide commission.

Nyungura’s allegations in themselves insinuate false allegations pinned on RPA forces to commit a double genocide, an argument that has been perpetuated by both genocidal forces outside Rwanda and suspected genocide criminals still at large.

The 2016 NURC reconciliation Barometer report shows that Rwandans
have overcome ethical differences, which led to genocide.

While many Rwandans still wonder why Nyungura acted like this 22 years on, Beligian Political analyst on Africa, Alain Billen, 63, says that Nyungura actions “are selfish motivated and intended to bring him to fame after releasing his book and new album.”


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