Foot and Mouth Disease Hits Nyagatare Again

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Veterinary officials in Nyagatare district- Eastern Province have confirmed the isolation of a cattle farm due to the apparent outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

According to the Agriculture and Animal Resources minister, Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana said the movement of livestock as well as bovine markets in the sectors of Karangazi and Rwimiyaga in Nyagatare District; Kabonero and Rwembogo in Gatsibo District; Murundi, Gahini and Mwiri in Kayonza District, are temporarily banned.

Local vets and authorities are still assessing how the disease suddenly broke out in the district.

“We were taken by surprise…local leaders and veterinary officials are working around the clock, to control the spread of the disease. It all comes down to lack of seriousness from some people moving cows illegally,” he said.

Livestock farmers have been advised to limit animal movement and ensure that livestock from different farms do not mingle.

Traders are also to avoid buying animals that may have come into contact with infected ones and ensure proper disposal of carcasses, preferably by burning or burying them.

Mukeshimana also warned of punitive measures for those who fail to comply with the quarantine, and cautioned livestock farmers against hiding affected cows.

Vets from respective district were however, not available for a comment by press time.

The vets were presumably in the field assessing the impact of the disease and advising farmers. Meanwhile, Eastern Province is said to have for years managed to keep away foot and mouth disease.

Figures show that there is a cattle population of about 1.4 million in the country.




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