Food prices record stability in April

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Food prices record stability in April

There was stability in the prices of food stuffs in April, 2016 when compared to the previous month, just after a steep rise since December, 2015.

In a market survey conducted around Kigali markets by this website, supply of most foods remained stable except in few commodities which recorded a slight increase.

Accordingly, prices of Irish potatoes, rice and cassava flour main foods in almost every household’s food basket remained stable at Rwf 250, Rwf, Rwf 800-1000, 350-400 respectively.

Vegetables which  have been  recording increasing  trends  showed stability in the months of March and April with  an expectation of rising in May  due to  heavy  rains  that may affect their supply as most are   grown  in marshlands.

Onions, carrots and tomatoes .were recorded at Rwf 100 per tuber, Rwf 250 a kilo and Rwf 800 a kilo respectively in different markets across the markets.

While also stability was observed in the prices of fruits including passion fruits, pawpaw, pineapples, oranges, mangos and water melons, continue to strengthen consumer purchasing power.

“I was able to save some money from the food budget, but still you cannot be sure whether another month they won’t again rise,” said Adeline Umugwaneza, a resident of Kimironko, Gasabo district.

Indeed, the instability in food  prices saw  unstable rising  inflation  since last  year rising to  4.6 percent in the month of March when compared to 4.4 percent  recorded  in the previous month  of  February 2016.

On the other hand, Bananas recorded an increase in its price to Rwf Rwf240 a kilo from Rwf 220 while fresh cassava rose to Rwf230 a kilo from Rwf 220 and yellow bananas increase by Rwf 100 for big bunch and Rwf 50 for small bunch.




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