Ferwafa 4-Star hotel put back on tender for developers, SG Mulindahabi released

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Artistic Design of the Proposed FERWAFA Hotel

Artistic Design of the Proposed FERWAFA Hotel.

The construction of the Rwf4 billion four-star Rwanda Football Federation hotel has been put back on tender for interested developers while FERWAFA’s Secretary General Olivier Mulindahabi has been released after a six-month jail sentence.

The tender was made known to interested bidders late last month according to FERWAFA President Vincent Nzamwita.

The ground-breaking activities of the four-storey hotel building started last August but in February it was halted by Kigali City Authority because of lack of construction permits.

FERWAFA President Nzamwita said on Tuesday this week that the tender was put back on market to give a chance to all interested bidders and ensure that the whole bidding process is held with transparency.

“Initially the construction was halted under different reasons relate to lack of proper construction permit as well as other issues that rose during the tender awarding process,”

“All these issues deemed the continuity of constructing the hotel as it was initially planned. But after the involvement of our stake holders, FIFA and the Government of Rwanda, all issues were addressed and the process will go on as planned,” added Nzamwita.

He further added that they have now invited national tenders for the execution for completion of construction work related to FERWAFA Village phase I.

According to Nzamwita, participation to the competition is open on equal conditions to all companies or enterprises specialized in the field with a valid trading license.

The deadline for tender notice is set to expire late this week and after that interested developers will present their bids to FERWAFA accompanied by a bid guarantee of 60 million Rwanda francs issued by a reputable commercial Bank. Late bids will be rejected.

The bids will remain valid for 90 days starting from the deadline of their submission.

Meanwhile, FERWAFA Secretary General Mulindahabi Olivier has been released following the expiry of his six-month jail sentence over malpractices linked to the tender for the construction of the planned 88-room FERWAFA Hotel.

In June this year, Nyarugunga Primary Court acquitted Ferwafa president Nzamwita of nepotism and corruption charges after the prosecution had failed to provide enough evidence to convict him on both corruption and nepotism charges.

Mulindahabi and the consultant Engineer Adolphe Muhirwa were each handed a six-month jail term for mishandling the project that was in the interest of the general public.

Mulindahabi and Eng. Muhirwa were both slapped six-month sentences each on grounds that they awarded the tender based on favouritism, flouted procedures and had been involved in corruption. The six-month jail term expired on August 8, 2016.

The Expert Company Managing Director Protais Sebatabazi who was contracted to undertake the construction of the mega hotel was sentenced to six years in prison over forged documents which he presented in winning the construction tender.

The Four-Star hotel will be built in four phases and the first will include a structure of 40 rooms. FIFA has provided a grant of $2,896,640 (estimated Rwf 2 Billion) towards the project while the other half is a loan.

When completed, the hotel is expected to ease on the cost that the Ministry of Sports and Culture (MINISPOC) spends on national teams during residential training or accommodation for visiting national teams.

FERWAFA is also expected to use the hotel for commercial purposes to generate income for different footballing activities. It will have a total of 100 rooms with a capacity to sustaining and housing three national teams.




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