Skol launches lager brand

Skol launches lager brand

The new 50 CL Skol brand

 Skol breweries limited (SBL), Rwanda’s second leading brewery launched a new beer on the Rwandan market, as a way of complimenting the company’s success malt beer distribution and set ground for competition on the beer market.

Skol’s Marketing Manager, Mark Mugarura said that the new brand will contribute to the growth of their brands portfolio, in addition to Gatanu (five) and Virunga Mist- some of the new brands brought in by Skol recently.

In 2013, Skol embarked on consumer research process to understand the Rwandan beer consumer market, tastes and habits. The goal was to find out characteristics of beer appreciated by most Rwandans.

“The results proved that most Rwandans like smooth, crisp, light easy drinking beer. We then designed a recipe to suit this pallet and we are proud to offer this brand as a response to needs of our clients”. Mugarura said.

The 50CL brown bottle will cost Rwf600 on the market. The new lager is branded with a yellow label to reflect Skol brand values of fun, young, energetic, social and bright optimism and will be used as a football campaign platform for the world cup.

In a related development Skol breweries also entered into a new partnership with Rayon Sport FC- Rwanda’s most popular football clubs- a deal that will see the Rayon sport team branded with the new skol logo.

The deal will see Rayon players put on Skol branded jerseys and equipment and fans will also be mobilized to like and enjoy the taste of Skol beers. This shift will be accompanied by countrywide campaigns among Rayon Sport FC fans.

The new brand, which is an equivalent size of the Bralirwa’s famous 50 CL beer commonly known as ‘Knowless’ will set a tight competition for the two beer brewing companies.


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