Farmers Face Massive Losses as Sudden Rain Wreaks Havoc on Crops

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By Brenda Kalinda


The unexpected rains that lashed large parts of Kamonyi district yesterday have spelled doom for farmers, as reports of extensive damage to crops are pouring in from many villages.

As the country experiences rainy season, it looked normal until 1:00pm yesterday when the rain stopped and the hailstorm started to fall. The estimate includes losses on account of destruction of standing crops, damage to houses.

The rain mixed with a snow did not kill a person but witnesses say that plants of people including banana, coffee, maize and beans were destroyed.

Kubwimana Jean de Dieu, the acting executive secretary of Kayumbu sector told Rwanda Eye that the most affected sectors were Murambi, Kaje and Kangezi.


Southern Province is prone to heavy rains, thunderstorms and landslides.

For the past three years, Rwanda has lost over Rwf5 billion ($7.3 million) as a result of disasters.

It is the second time Rwanda experience the unusual snow. In 2014, it rained at the University of Rwanda-Huye brach-leaving students and residents excited to witness the snow in their lifetime.

Rwanda suffers five key disasters including landslides, windstorms; drought, floods and earthquakes.

A report released by the national risk atlas last year indicates that if all these risks occurred in the country, government would count a loss of $133 million.



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