Dutch Coffee Junkies Smell Rwandan Coffee

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Sampling some of the Rwanda coffee

Sampling some of the Rwanda coffee

Dutch Coffee lovers are warming up for the 2nd Amsterdam Coffee Festival over the weekend where tens of international coffee dealers will be exhibiting the best coffees on earth.

The Rwandan embassy in Netherlands says a Dutch coffee promoter, This Side Up, has invited several coffee producers from Rwanda to exhibit Rwanda’s finest coffees and share stories around each coffee specie.

Dealers will also be able to network, find buyers and understand the market in the Netherlands.

The available Rwanda coffee on the market is exported by several Dutch companies, including This Side Up, a platform that allows coffee roasters in Europe to trade transparently with coffee farmers in Rwanda.

Six dealers of Rwanda’s finest coffees, RTC, Juru, MISOZI, 3 African Sisters, Rwanda Mountain Coffee and Falcon Specialty Coffees are all represented at the Rwanda stand.

The participation is supported by Rwanda National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB).

Robert Kayinamura, First Counselor of the Embassy of Rwanda in The Hague told KT Press that, “We have created space where Rwandan coffee producers can get inspired by seeing up close how their coffees taste and look as a finished specialty product.”

Robert said Rwanda is now ranked a C-grade market coffee producing country,  one that has gained significant traction on the global market for specialty coffee.

Rwanda is increasingly becoming known as a destination for specialty coffee, with its mellow beans making their way into the world’s leading specialty roasters and coffee houses.

Lennart Clerkx, owner of This Side Up, and importer of Rwanda coffee, said that in coffee trade, most of the coffee producers don’t know where their coffee ends up when it leaves the country.

“In most cases, they are a hundred percent dependent on traders to promote their coffees, while they could make a much better product if they would have the opportunity to communicate with roasters and baristas directly’, he said.

This Side Up advocates for a fair price for coffee farmers and gives advice on how to produce better coffee.

Meanwhile, the Rwanda stand will have a distinct look and feel with traditional music and art-decorations.

White Label Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster in Amsterdam, will roast the Rwanda coffees to their high standards and brew them at the stand for revelers.

There are also two daily coffee tastings (called cuppings) at 1:00PM and 4:00PM.



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