Drug Use Hurts Families-Police

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Consumption of psychotropic substances has crosscutting effects that go beyond just the consumer to affect his or her family and the communities, according to medical experts.

A family is supposed to be a safe group of people where one can turn to for support.

The problematic use of drugs by a family member has many significant and enduring impacts on family dynamics and functioning. In fact, studies have found that youth from families where domestic violence and abuse are prevalent, are more prone to high-risk behaviors, such as using illegal drugs.

Abuse of illicit drugs is said to be causing psychosis and even death. Most often, the chaos such addictions bring into families is rarely discussed.

On Sunday, Police in Musanze District arrested one Mbarushimana Ngabo for allegedly hacking his mother’s sheep.

According to Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira, the Northern Region Police Spokesperson, Ngabo’s criminal actions were influenced by drugs.

At the time of his arrest later on Sunday, Ngabo was found with two pellets of cannabis in his pocket.

Ngabo’s criminal act followed an argument with his mother.

Rwanda National Police says addressing cases of family conflicts requires addressing the root causes such as drug abuse.

According to IP Gasasira, RNP has invested a lot of efforts in fighting drug abuse to prevent such domestic violence and family conflicts, among others.

Research indicates that the effects of substance abuse frequently extend beyond the nuclear family.

“The community may experience the consequence of the person under drugs, who may seem angered, sometimes ignited by feeling guilty. Such effects on families may continue for generations,” said the spokesperson.

Scientific findings indicate that people, who abuse drugs, are likely to find themselves increasingly isolated from their families.

Often they prefer associating with others who abuse substances or participate in some other form of antisocial activity. These associates support and reinforce each other’s inappropriate behavior.

According to IP Gasasira, Ngabo will face two charges; abusing drugs, and mistreating or killing domestic animals.

Under article 436 of the penal code, mistreating or killing domestic animals attracts an imprisonment term of up to one year and a fine of Rwf2 million.

Consumption of illicit drugs, on the other hand, is punishable with a term of imprisonment of up to three years under article 594.



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