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Because of working well with the health center, the health workers in Cyabayaga health center in Nyagatare district say they now have 76 cows and a house worth 4.5million rwf and many other valuable assets.

This was said in a function to celebrate what they gained from working as health workers and working in association with this health center which is now a great asset towards people’s development. These health workers are happy because of the government policy of forming cooperatives since two heads are better than one.

Theogene Rwamahe is the chairperson of this cooperative and he says, “the government did everything possible to sensitize us to form cooperatives, now we know the gains fr4om these cooperatives.”

Apart from the development these health workers have reached, they are grateful for the government on its policy of helping people develop themselves especially in medical sphere like those who go to this health center.

Mushabe Claude the executive secretary of Nyagatare sector said, “Your contribution in the sensitizing people about insurance policy, the time to pay comes when you have already sensitized people about it.”

Those health workers wished to be trained on how to run their cooperative, the one who was in charge of Nyagatare health center promised them to get that training in a very near future. He told them that the ministry of health recognizes their services.

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