Court Receives ‘Expert Report’ on Copedu Software Piracy 

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By Daniel Sabiiti


Computer Technology experts have submitted to court an independent report containing findings required in the hearing of a software piracy case.

Last month ADFinance dragged to court its client-Copedu bank for continuing to use its banking software without permission even after both parties could not agree on terms and conditions of the earlier signed supply contract. This abuse has been ongoing for the past eight months.

In the case file ADFinance argued that their client continued to use the software after the contract was terminated sighting a criminal act of software piracy.

On the other hand, Copedu through its lawyers, stood ground saying that the installed software in their banking system continued to operate without their control and couldn’t be stopped.

This paradox compelled court, in the second case hearing, to seek expertise and investigation into the probabilities of such circumstances to resolve the above case.

After about two weeks of waiting, for the report, the commercial high court today December 2 said that it has received the investigation findings and ready to have the case tried in-depth.

“This case has been delayed because of the expert’s investigation report. We have received the awaited report this morning and we will add it to the file” court judge James Ntungane said.

The judge asked both parties to make remarks on this progress inquiring if they are comfortable with court proceeding with setting a date for an in-depth trial into the case.

“It is a small report and court is ready to start the trial. Do you have anything to say before we proceed into the case?” he asked.

Lawyers for both parties asked court to give them more time to look into the report findings but failed to agree on a fixed date for the next hearing compelling the judge to decide one for them.

The judge rule that the next appearance was fixed on December 9, 2016.

Court is expected to finally conduct an in-depth trial after three appearances have been made into this controversial software piracy case.




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