Cogebanque contributes Rwf18.6m towards Gen Karake bail fee

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Cogebanque and its staff, yesterday donated Rwf18.6million towards the ‘Ishema Ryacu’ campaign aimed at raising the £ 1 million (about Rwf 1.2 billion) bail fee for Lt Gen Karenzi Karake.

During a function held on July 31, Cogebanque officials handed to the private sector officials a cheque worth Rwf18.6million to the fund as part of their contribution.

The Private Sector Federation (PSF) chairman, Benjamin Gasamagera said that the move by Cogebanque is a good example to the private sector in its response to needs of the community and state.

Gasamagera also said that it was important for people to not only have a fund collection scheme but the spirit of dignity and togetherness.

The Cogebanque board chairman, Rwagasana Ernest, said the bank has a role to play in the country and this was aimed at showing that Rwanda is state with dignity and a vision.

Since its launch in June, the ‘Ishema Ryacu’ campaign has collected over Rwf 800 million and about Rwf 500 million more in pledges, taking the total contributions to over Rwf 1.3 billion.

Ishema Ryacu, is an initiative to raise Rwf1.2bn imposed by a London-based court to secure the bail of Lt Gen Karenzi Karake. The general was arrested while on official duty in the UK and has since been put under house arrest, as Rwanda battles with his release.


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