Clean Water in Villages of Kirehe

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By Earnest Ndayisaba & William Buningwire

Clean water is the most important factor in regards to a healthy life. Clean water not only saves lives through the elimination of waterborne illnesses, but also transforms the lives of women and children.

In Kirehe district of Eastern Province of Rwanda, women and girls used to walk miles in harsh temperatures to fetch clean drinking water for their families.

Fortunately through the support of government now more than 9000 people from the villages of Gashari, Mutuntu, and Rubengera and Bwishyura sector of Kirehe district now have access to safe water.

The sharp decline in the number of people without access to safe drinking water masks an important divide. In Rwanda, the population without access has remained relatively flat, while in rural areas, access has improved.

For residents of Bwishyura sector says that after years of suffering from skin and other diseases blamed on arsenic in ground water pumped from wells.

Rurangwa Clever, a resident of Bwishyura sector narrates, “Undoubtedly it has been a great accomplishment to bring drinkable water to so many people in such a short time, we used to walk over long distances, now we are privileged we have free time of doing other valuable  businesses’

“‘We used to have to fetch water from the bore well 4km away from our home. The daily grind made our children late for school, and we fell sick more often,’ Rurangwa Clever, a resident of Bwishyura sector recalls. Today, Rurangwa and his family are all relieved and happy. Thanks to the government of Rwanda.  ‘

He added that it feels like escape from arsenic poisoning.

Ndayisaba Francis, the district mayor of Kirehe said now that he is sure 9000 homes have access to clean water, he hopes no resident will suffer from water borne diseases again.

He called on residents to protect the water infrastructures so they can last.

The district board plans to extend water to more 5000 house households by next year.



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