CAR officials visit Isanga One Stop Centre

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A delegation of officials from the Central African Republic (CAR) currently on a study tour in the country, visited Isange One Stop Centre at Kacyiru District Hospital on November 4, purposely to learn from Rwanda’s model in fighting Gender Based Violence (GBV)

The officials are from the Ministry of Social Affairs and National Reconciliation.

The delegation which was led by Dr. Ephrem Kosh Komba, the Director of Cabinet in the Ministry Social Affairs and National Reconciliation, was received by the Director of Kigali Forensic Laboratory, Commissioner of Police (CP) Daniel Nyamwasa who gave them an overview and a grand tour at the center.

“Isange is a multidisciplinary and holistic approach that binds various institutions responsible for fighting and preventing GBV including the ministries of Gender and Family Promotion, Health and Justice; the creation of Isange came as idea to harmonise scattered efforts in responding and handling the increased cases of GBV and child abuse,” CP Nyamwasa explained.

 “We have doctors, psychologists, social workers, judicial police officers and this helps a victim to acquire all the necessary services in one place and free of charge,” he added.
 “Where necessary, we accompany the victims back to their homes to make sure that they are fully reintegrated in their families because some of them sometimes feel rejected. We work with various entities on grassroots to ensure that they are fully rehabilitated,” he noted.

In his reaction, Dr. Kosh Komba said: “We came to Rwanda to partly witness how you have managed to fight gender based violence. What we have seen, especially here at Isange… it’s amazing and commendable how security institutions in Rwanda work together with other institutions to offer services to victims in one organized and well equipped place.”

He observed that, in CAR like in many other countries, gender based violence is still a big issue…” victims don’t get justice which is different from Rwanda as we have witnessed, where victims are helped psychologically, given medical care and legal services.”

 Isange, which started as a pilot project in 2009, has since been expanded to 28 other district hospitals across the country.
 It offers free medical, psycho-socio and legal services to victims of GBV and child abuse and has facilitated the public with easy means of communication with a toll-free line – 3029, 3512 and 116 for Child Abuse – which have been essential in getting information from the affected for immediate response.



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