‘Cabinet reshuffle list’ Dr Diane Gashumba is new health minister

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 Dr. Diane Gashumba appointed new Minister of Health

Dr. Diane Gashumba appointed new Minister of Health.

President Paul Kagame has named Dr. Diane Gashumba as new Minister of health in the latest cabinet reshuffle.After almost three months vacant.

President Paul Kagame has also appointed five new members to the cabinet including; Esperance Nyirasafari for Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, Vincent Munyeshyaka is new State Minister of Social-economic development in Ministry of local government.

Other new appointments include; Evode Uwizeyimana for State Minister of Constitutional and Legal Affairs in Justice ministry- He was until two years ago a very vocal critic of government living in exile. He has been on the constitutional review commission.

Fulgence Nsengiyumva is State Minister for Agriculture and Animal Resources, and Isaac Munyakazi is State Minister of Primary and Secondary Education.

In the reshuffle, Ministry of East African Community has been merged with Ministry of Trade and Industry to form a new Ministry of Trade, Industry and East African Affairs now headed by François Kanimba. Innocent Safari is Permanent Secretary in this new Ministry. He replaces Emmanuel Hategeka who was appointed coordinator of Northern corridor project.

The shake-up has also been extended to local government dockets, Permanent Secretaries, diplomats and other government officials.

Odette Uwamariya has been promoted from Governor of Eastern province and appointed new Permanent Secretary in local government Ministry.

All but one of the four provincial governors were replaced. Northern Province governor Bosenibanwe Aimee has been dropped after serving up to six years as governor. A little-known mayor of Musanze District, which was in the same province, is new governor.

Provincial Governors include; Judith Kazayire for Eastern Province, Claude Musabyimana for Northern Province, Marie Rose Mureshyankwano for Western Province, and Alphonse Munyentwari for Southern province.

Valentine Rugwabiza is appointed Rwanda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York.She replaces troubled ex-envoy Eugene Richard Gasana who has been recalled, but never surfaced in Kigali. Rugwabiza has been the East African Community minister – managing Rwanda’s delicate relations with its four neighbours who formed the EAC.

The long-serving Internal Security Minister Sheikh Musa Fazil Harelimana is out of cabinet, along with his entire ministry which has been in charge of the police and Correctional Services. Sheikh Harelimana has been in cabinet manning the same ministry since 2006. He had been sharing lengthy term of service with the premier, who was previously labour ministry boss.

Meanwhile, the Defense, Local Government, Infrastructure, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Sports ministries remained intact. Their respective holders have been given another nod by the appointing authority.

The current cabinet is made of 20 Ministers including the CEO of Rwanda Development Board and 10 state ministers. This brings the total number of cabinet members to be 30.

Read full list of cabinet ministers

1. Prime Minister: Anastase Murekezi

2. Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources: Dr Geraldine Mukeshimana

3. Minister of Natural Resources: Dr Vincent Biruta

4. Minister of Sports and Culture: Uwacu Julienne

5. Minister of Infrastructure: Musoni James

6. Minister of Local Government: Kaboneka Francis

7. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning: Amb. Gatete Claver

8. Minister of Trade ,Industry and East Africa Affairs: Kanimba François

9. Minister of Health: Dr Gashumba Diane

10.Minister of Justice and the State’s Attorney General: Busingye Johnston

11. Minister of Education: Dr Musafili Papias Malimba

12. Minister of Labor and Public Service: Uwizeye Judith

13. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Mushikiwabo Louise

14. Minister of Gender and Family Promotion: Nyirasafali Esperance

15. Minister of Defense: Gen Kabarebe James

16. Minister in the Office of the Presidency: Tugireyezu Venantia

17. Minister in charge of cabinet affairs: Mugabo Stella Ford

18. Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs: Mukantabana Seraphine

19. Minister of Youth and ICT: Nsengimana Jean Philbert

20. The Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board: Gatare Francis

State Ministers

1. State minister in TVET: Rwamukwaya Olivier

2. State minister for primary and secondary education: Munyakazi Isaac

3. State minister in charge of social welfare in Minaloc: Dr Mukabaramba Alvera

4. State minister for economic development in Minaloc : Munyeshyaka Vincent

5. State minister in MINECOFIN in charge of budget planning: Dr Ndagijimana Uzziel

6. State minister for energy and water in MININFRA: Kamayirese Germaine

7. State Minister for transport in MININFRA: Dr Nzahabwanimana Alexis

8. The state minister in the Ministry of Health: Dr Ndimubanzi Patrick

9. State minister in the Ministry of Justice in charge of the constitution and other laws: Uwizeyimana Evode

10. The state minister in MINAGRI in charge of Agriculture: Nsengiyumva Fulgence

Governors of Provinces

Northern Province: Musabyimana Claude

Eastern Province: Kazayire Judith

Western Province: Mureshyankwano Marie Rose

Southern Province: Munyantwari Alphonse

Permanent secretaries

MINALOC: Uwamariya Odette

The Ministry of Trade,Industry and East African Affairs : Safari Innocent
Rwandan embassy in New York

1. Permanent representative of Rwanda in UN : Ambasaderi Rugwabiza Valentine

2. Minister Counsellor: Bakuramutsa Feza





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