BRALIRWA stock plateaus, market activity heats up

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The share price of beverage producer BRALIRWA on Thursday held steady for the first time in days, but managed to maintain record prices all the same.

Closing the day at Rwf 420 per share, BRALIRWA stock traded in 7 transactions of 153,200 shares traded between Rwf 417 and Rwf 420 before finally settling on the latter, continuing the unprecedented surge that started last week, which has shocked observers and traders alike at the Rwanda Stock Exchange.

The other active stock at the RSE, Bank of Kigali, also held steady in share price, recording minimal activity in comparison to other days.

The BK counter only recorded 3 transactions of 27,900 shares which traded at Rwf 130 and closed the day at that same price, which has become the going rate for BK stock, only fluctuating or rising by Rwf 1 at most over the last few weeks.

KCB share price remained at Rwf 154 while NMG shares last transacted at Rwf 1,200.

Total turnover recorded was higher than the previous session’s turnover, standing at Rwf 67,940,300 compared to yesterday’s trading session, which yielded a total turnover of Rwf 32,802,000 from 215,200 BK shares and 11,500 BRALIRWA shares traded in 8 deals.

At the end of formal trading hours, there was an outstanding bid of 27,900 BK shares at Rwf 130 and outstanding offers of 153,200 shares between Rwf 131 and Rwf 132. On BRALIRWA counter, there were outstanding bids of 108,100 shares between Rwf 386 and Rwf 418 and no outstanding offers and there was an outstanding bid of 5,000 KCB shares at Rwf 150.


Listed companies Price 
Bank of Kigali (BK) 130
Nation Media Group (NMG) 1200
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) 154







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