Bank of Kigali gives RSE a rebound

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m_UntitledThe Rwanda Stock Exchange share index (RSI) went up as it reached 264.22 an increase of 0.26 points from yesterday’s index as a result of Rwf1 appreciation in BoK share price. Yesterday, the share index (RSI) went down 2.58 to close at 263.96 resulting from a drop in Bralirwa and BoK share price which closed at Rwf 860 and Rwf 344 respectively

Today, however,  market recorded 100 BoK shares valued at Rwf 34,500 in one deal compared to the previous trading session which recorded a total turnover of Rwf 24,852,400 from 4,000 Bralirwa shares and 62,500 BoK shares traded in five deals.

BoK shares traded and closed at Rwf 345, registering an increase of Rwf 1 compared to yesterday’s closing price.

BRALIRWA shares price remained at Rwf 860 as no transaction took place on its counter. On the other hand KCB, NMG, and Uchumi Supermarket’s shares last transacted at Rwf 185, Rwf 1200 and Rwf 175 respectively.

At the end of formal trading hours, there were outstanding offers of 595,600 BoK shares between Rwf 340-365 and an outstanding bid of 10,000 shares at Rwf 330. On Bralirwa counter, there were outstanding offers of 101,600 shares between Rwf 875-890 and no outstanding bids.

On KCB counter; there were outstanding bids of 12,500 shares between Rwf 175-180 and no outstanding offers. On NMG and USL counter; there were outstanding bids of 1,000 and 100 shares at Rwf 1,200 and Rwf 170 respectively, and no outstanding offers.



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