Ban Ki Moon calls for action on Great lakes peace initiatives

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Ban Ki Moon calls for action on Great lakes peace initiatives

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the World Bank Group Jim Yong Kim, make this week a historic visit to the Great Lakes region in Africa. The purpose of their visit is to show their support for the recent peace agreement and support the economic development of the region.

The duo visited DR Congo ahead of their arrival in Rwanda on May 23. They will also proceed to Uganda; and hold meetings with the each Heads of State in each of the countries respectively.

In Rwanda, a country that has made significant progress over the last ten years in governance and increased its growth rate of 1% in 2003 to 8.2% in 2013, will meet President Paul Kagame and members of the government.

They will also have the opportunity to meet with ex-combatants and to know and more about the efforts to ensure the demobilization and reintegration of all men and women who now return to their home communities after years of conflict.

“The leaders of the Great Lakes region will be key enablers of peace, stability and economic growth,” said Mr. Kim. “We are committed to us that the United Nations and the World Bank Group are working closely together in new and more advanced means, following the impetus given by the country. We must ensure that the implementation of the political and security aspects of the framework agreement goes hand in hand with economic development which is essential to a lasting peace and stability. ”

Moon also stated that this new, large-scale approach to peace provides the DRC and the Great Lakes region’s best hope of peace they have known for many years, but insisted on action.

“The commitments on paper must translate into action on the ground. A peace agreement must produce a peace dividend in the form of development, opportunity and hope for people who have suffered too long” the UN Secretary General said.

The Great Lakes region in Africa has seen its situation destabilized by the conflict that has raged for several years in the DRC and has also spread to neighboring countries. The destruction of infrastructure that resulted had the effect of reducing the supply of electricity and damage of major trade routes. This instability has also prevented the country to be able to provide all the basic services to their populations and fragile health systems and education, while causing an increase in unemployment and a slowdown in growth economic.
Despite these problems, the countries of the region are now working vigorously to ensure their reconstruction, to improve governance and to invest in their human and natural resources with the support of the United Nations and the Bank Group World.
For its part, the Bank Group is working closely with the national authorities, the private sector and international partners in these countries to support the reconstruction effort and help them achieve their development goals. To date, investments in support of development programs undertaken and totaled approximately $ 6.7 billion in the DRC, Rwanda 2.5 billion and $ 7.3 billion in Uganda.




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