Another BPR employee steal millions

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By Daniel Sabiiti


Clients with Banques Populaires du Rwanda (BPR) bank will have to think twice when banking their money as more bank officials continue to embezzle funds instead of being custodians.

In less than two weeks, Rubavu BPR branch clients have also reported fallen victims of bank funds theft with reports now indicating a banker has disappeared with a total of Rwf98million- which included $115.000 and Rwf6million from clients.

The theft is believed to have happened this October 18, 2016 and was conducted by a teller in the VIP section of the bank. The suspect is believed to have crossed to the neigbouring DR Congo.

This is not the first time such incidences happen within BPR Rubavu district branches. A similar incident happened in April 2015, in which the bank’s employee disappeared with over Rwf11.9million.

None of the suspects in the above cases has arrested by an official investigation has been lodged by Police and BPR officials.

This October 11, a similar theft incident occurred in BPR Batima branch in Bugesera district in which two bank officials also disappeared with

This rampage of series of bank thefts within BPR, it is believed to have been sparked as a result of leakage of information that the bank was planning to layoff several employees.

In the wake of these series of criminal acts BPR head office in Kigali is said to have implemented the anticipated move by laying off plan announced the laying off 300 employees according to KTPress.

BPR is the largest community bank which was initiated as a largest community saving bank in Rwanda. The bank has since evolved and in 2008, UBPR transformed to become a commercial bank but while retaining its cooperative roots.

Today, Atlas Mara Limited has 62.1% of the shares, strategic partner Rabobank has 14.6% and 23.3% retained by Local Shareholders. The latter having the main mission to help upgrade “BPR” into a fully-fledged retail bank.





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