After Years, Remote Village in Nkombo Islands Finally has Water

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Kamayirese launches the new water project in Nkombo Island in Rusizi District.

In Nkombo Island, water to drink, cook food with, wash and keep clean is hard to come by. Neema Uwimana, a resident Nkombo says he can’t remember the last time they had proper running water in his remote village.

“We used to fetch dirty water from Kivu Lake for domestic purposes and had to suffer from cholera and intestinal worms but now we can drink and use clean water and save the money we used to spend at the health Center. We are really thankful to the government” said Uwimana.

He noted that 17,000 residents of Nkombo Island have a good reason to smile as Frw580 million water treatment plant is inaugurated.

“Today, we can access free clean water after spending years drinking dirty water from Kivu Lake which was harmful to health”.

According to James Sano, the chief executive Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC), said that previously, access to clean water in the Island stood below 50 per cent.

With launch of the new water treatment plant, which produces 720m3 per day, and 24 boreholes, the island’s access to water is expected rose to 90 per cent.

“Nkombo residents were desperately in need of clean water, we are glad to see them happy because we had promised to have water by the end of the year “. Sano added.

The water treatment plant transforms dirty water from Kivu Lake into drinkable water with a production capacity of 720 m3 per day.

The water supply system consists of 10 wells constructed for pre-treatment and 24 boreholes for filtering.

Nkombo Island is one of 18 sectors that make Rusizi district, western province. It is at about 10 kilometres from Kamembe town and some 670 meters from the shorelines of Kivu.

A part from full access to clean water, 46% of Nkombo residents have access to electricity. There is also one health center and a health post, three primary schools, three secondary schools and one technical college.

The new water supply system is provides water to over 80,000 people in five sectors of Rusizi District; Giheking, Kamembe, Gihundwe, Nkanka and Nkunga.








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