African Stock Exchanges Summit Coming to Kigali

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By Daniel Sabiiti

The Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) in association with the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) will host this year’s 20th ASEA Conference, in Kigali, Rwanda from 27th to 29th November 2016, at the Kigali Serena Hotel.

“The global economy is interconnected now more than ever, in that what happens in one part of the world has the power to affect other economies in the far ends of the globe, like it has been severally proven in the last few years,” Pierre Celestin Rwabukumba, the Chief Executive Officer of RSE said.

The conference, will also mark the 5th anniversary of the RSE in operation, will bring together more than 300 global and regional experts in capital market, regulators, law firms and issuers, domestic, regional and international investors, rating agencies, portfolio and investment managers, government representatives, as well as technology providers and trading participants. It will be the first time Rwanda and RSE are hosting the flagship event.

The theme this year will be, “The Road to 2030, making the African Capital Markets Relevant to the real economy”, and will seek to address the disconnect between African micro economies and capital markets, by exploring possible steps to be taken in order for markets to sustainably address the real business needs, and fix operational deficits existing among exchanges to be more competitive on the global stage.

“We all know that today the capital markets in all African economies have similar issues of liquidity, market penetration, few retail investors, technology and low contribution towards the Gross Domestic Products in terms of raising money,” Rwabukumba said.

Robert Mathu, the executive director of the Rwanda Capital Market Authority (CMA) said hosting the ASEA conference is an honor to Rwanda’s financial sector and presents an opportunity to showcase the competitiveness of the financial services sector, especially the securities market.

“A lot has been going on in our capital market and during this conference we will have opportunities to make particular announcements and I am going to connect this to the integration of Rwanda’s financial sector with the region’s capital market, specifically the East African Community,” Mathu said.

He added that the visiting delegates will be in the country to look for partners and investment opportunities in Rwanda’s emerging securities industry.

“Therefore, the capital market is the right way to go for mobilizing long-term capital. Because the way the global economy is trending, more and more sub-Saharan countries are being directed to look for alternative and reliable ways of sourcing funding for our businesses. This will enable us sustain our economic growth and respond to the changing needs from economic trends,” Mathu added.

Today, the world economy is dealing with the effects of global economic shocks, the biting debt crisis and unfriendly interest rates and these continue to handicap many developing economies, especially in Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa alone needs $50 billion annually to finance its infrastructural projects, according to the African Development Bank; this leaves capital market as one of the reliable financing options to drive economies.

The African Securities Exchanges Association is a premier association of leading exchanges in Africa, who have come together with the aim of developing Member Exchanges and providing a platform for networking.

The Association boasts of a Full Membership of 26 vibrant Exchanges – serving 32 economies in Africa – 2 Observer Members and 1 Associate Member. The Association was established in 1993, and works closely with its Members to unlock the potential of the African Capital Markets.


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