4G LTE internet prices expected to go down this year

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The government says that the  prices   for  the newly  launched  4 G LTE broadband  Internet  that is considered faster than the  other  internet  generations  are likely to  go down  this year.

Minister  of  Youth and ICT Jean  Philbert  Nsengimana says that  as  internet  services Providers-ISPs  are  attracting more users  to  use  the  fastest internet  the  prices which  will  lower   the price  to make it more affordable.

“We accept the prices are still high but you know when a new thing is coming it is always   high but as time goes on the prices go down,” the Minister explained

The Minister   says   that there is need for more people to use 4G LTE internet  through  innovative  packages  telecoms   are  providing that will help them (telecoms) lower the prices.

“What we assure Rwandans is   that   we are working with   partners to reduce the price,” the Minister added

This comes after   more customers complained to government   that the fourth Generation Long term evolution-4G LTE which is considered faster, is expensive compared to   the output they expect from it.

Accordingly, the 4G LTE is the latest   internet technology   that   provides fastest wireless communication on high-speed data for mobile phones and technology devices.

Approximately, a Gigga-byte for 4G LTE costs around US$ 6 which is slightly higher compared to the affordability of the users.

The Minister says that there are plans to rollout 4G LTE to three more towns in the next three months this year, a plan that will help the   government rollout the fastest internet countrywide. Currently 4G LTE   internet is   only in Kigali city.

But, increasing  value for money  for  the  4G LTE, experts say will  also  help to  bring down the  price of the   internet  that is looked at to   boost the  use of   technology as the  economy is expected to   move  to  middle income  by  2020.



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