$24 million project to improve irrigation systems

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There is optimism that the government’s efforts to increase irrigation of the arable land are expected to bear fruit, thanks to the new project worth $24 million.

The project whose works for its development are yet to kick off on 1280 ha in Nasho sector in Kirehe district.

“Farmers now will be able to grow their crops in three consecutive seasons,” said Dr Geraldine Mukeshimana, the minister of agriculture and animal resources.

Irrigation is one of the priority areas the government is looking at to increase production as the minister says with irrigation there is assurance of steady supply of produces.

To harness the initiative, the government set up the small scale irrigation technology program with the area that has potential to be irrigated estimated at 121,000 Ha.

Most crops production at times tends to go down epically in dry season thus leading to low supply on the market which in turn triggers an increase in prices resulting into inflation.

“You need to take this opportunity to modernize your farming activities,” she said adding that the project is in line with the government’s ambition of leapfrogging the economy to middle income.

The project that is expected to be completed last year in March will be developed by government of Rwanda in partnership with Howard Buffet foundation.

Moreover, the government has developed around 38,000 Ha from about 600,000 Ha with potential to be irrigated.

With more private sector engagement in the sector that contributes 1/3 of the country’s GDP, there is hope that the productivity from the sector that is looked at to increase export revenues as well as provide food security is yet to increase.

The government through the second agricultural investment plan (2013-17) is looking at bringing more private investments to bolster the sector and supplement government’s interventions. Currently most of the investments are done by government.


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